Thaproban DC has expertise and long-term experience in improving and ensuring commercial and industrial workplace security by preventing robberies, looting, prowling...etc.

We are passionately committed to help our customers to achieve their commercial and industrial safety and security goals so that they will maintain and improve business productivity.


Thaproban DC provides crowd management and security services to the events market, our breadth and depth of experience across live musical shows, sporting events, conferences, exhibitions and community events is unmatched in the industry. We make this legacy count by providing high quality and well managed security guards.


Thaproban DC mobile patrol officers are uniformed and assigned to patrol specified geographic areas that is, to move through their areas at regular intervals looking out for any signs of problems of any kind. They are the officers most commonly encountered by the public, as their duties include responding to calls for service, removing unauthorized person from the premise, resolving disputes, and other crime prevention measures.


Thaproban DC provides a bespoke residential security guards service and our guards are;

  • Uniformed, professional and trained
  • We can operate evenings or 24 hours
  • We patrol with or without guard dogs

You can choose your choice of residential security guard and we supply residential dog units as well to patrol your private estate may be day, night or day and night .Further, residents are given a contact number of our 24 hour operations room to ensure perfect communication.