More than a man in a uniform

An effective security officer is far more than somebody who stands outside your front door or strolls around your campus in uniform, trying not to fall asleep.

Trained in diplomacy and negotiation

The wrong approach can quickly inflame a situation resulting in damage to property and personnel. As a proactive security officer your Thaproban DC security guard employs advanced communication and negotiation techniques to diffuse and eliminate threats before they happen. He is experienced at taking the heat out of disputes, intercepting danger, and foiling wannabe intruders. He provides a rock-solid security presence with the utmost professionalism.

Public Relations is a big part of security

Yes, greeting people as they come and go from your property provides a valuable public relations service. A simple “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” is appreciated by your customers and clients. But more importantly, it lets them know they’ve been noticed and they are being watched over. This simple act gives your visitors a sense of confidence and security. And it deters criminal activity before it begins. But that’s just the start.

Hyper-alert, observant, and proactive

Using a clock-work scanning pattern your Thaproban DC security guard maintains constant visual observation over your premises. He keeps a log of all security checks, suspicious activity, alarm activations, and general maintenance issues (faulty lights and locks…etc.) He records details of potential security breaches and even takes discreet photographs if appropriate (cars, number plates…etc). To ensure your guard is always at full attention the Thaproban DC management team regularly conducts mystery officer inspections.

Mystery officer inspections

Thaproban DC security guards are extremely committed to provide you with the best in security services. To ensure guards are always performing at an optimum level of skill and professionalism, they undergo regular reviews. On top of monthly training exercises which include workshops on negotiation skills, self-defence, and fitness, security inspectors anonymously observe guards on duty to ensure their security service is second-to-none.